3-Pack Modrnman™ Trunks V2
3-Pack Modrnman™ Trunks V2
Mens's # Pack Underwear Trunks V2 Made from Tencel™ Lyocel & Organic Cotton
3-Pack Modrnman™ Trunks V2
3-Pack Modrnman™ Trunks V2

3-Pack Modrnman™ Trunks V2

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Color 3 Color Mix

Cover all bases with a 3-pack of Modrnman™ trunks. Featuring three pairs of seamless trunks in each of our iconic colorways, this selection sits neatly under any trouser style for undetectable comfort. Perfect for when you want to freshen up your underwear selection.


  • A blend of sustainable Tencel lyocell and stretchy organic cotton
  • Pack of three trunks in silver sconce, classic black and Moroccan blue
  • Breathable and soft
  • Seamless, no-show design
  • No-roll elasticated waistband
  • Easy-out pocket fly
  • Supportive pouch for a secure fit
  • Short stay-put legs
  • Subtle logo detailing
  • Machine washable
  • Fit true to size

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Ditch the dull, embrace comfort, confidence, and sustainability!

Experience a new level of style with our MODRNMAN™ underwear. Immerse yourself in the unmatched luxury of TENCEL™ Lyocell and Certified Organic Cotton. Experience exquisitely soft and pleasant fabric that soothes your skin while redefining comfort. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort, and indulge in a new era of Eco-Friendly Elegance! Rest assured, your jewels will love you, we guarantee it or your first pair is on us with our first pair promise gurantee.

What our Underwear says about you?

It speaks with quiet elegance and sophistication. It embodies a man who embraces the finer points, going the extra mile to perfect even the smallest details, all while upholding the essence of logical precision.

Unleash Your Unyielding Strength

Underwear that embodies the spirit of relentless progress, the resilience to weather any storm, and the precision to thrive in every activity.

Stitching Perfection

Our ModrnMan™ underwear's close loop blind stitch is your comfort zone. no chafing, all durability. It's skin-friendly, stylish, and strong – Just like you.

An Ocean Inspired Allure

Indulge in underwear with designs, colors and fabrics that reflect a profound love for the deep blue sea. Crafting underwear from TENCEL™ Lyocell and Organic Cotton uplifts our oceans through sustainable sourcing and reduced environmental impact.

Plush elastic

Made from an elastic so luxuriously soft, it's akin to a plush caress on your skin. Seamlessly stitched in reverse, it conquers folding , discomfort and friction during your most intense workouts. Inspired by the serene hues of the Mediterranean Ocean, our elastic is tailored with the modern man's comfort in mind.

Subtle Branding

We've tastefully incorporated a discreet hint of our brand onto either the elastic or the fabric of the underwear, adding a touch of our identity.

Elevating every detail

Our underwear is tagless free featuring heat transfer labels for an enhanced comfort, durability, and a distinctive touch.

Available in 6 styles & 3 Iconic Colors