Our Manufacturers

At Bomens, sustainability, communication, and quality aren't just buzzwords - they're the bedrock of our manufacturing process

We don't settle for mediocrity or half-hearted effort. We demand nothing but excellence from ourselves and our manufacturing partners. That's why we only work with manufacturers who share our values and drive to push boundaries.

We don't just create products; we create solutions that enhance the lives of men who demand the best. We're constantly pushing ourselves to the limit, striving to develop new and innovative products that exceed our customers' expectations. At Bomens, we're not content to simply keep pace with the competition - we aim to set the standard for men's lifestyle brands everywhere.

As a dynamic and rapidly expanding company, Bomens is always on the hunt for bold partners who can bring some serious innovation to the table, all while aligning with our core values. If you're a manufacturer, brand, or ambassador who embodies our values and isn't afraid to bring your A-game, then we want to hear from you - like, yesterday! So don't be shy, give us a shout and let's make some magic happen. We're ready

Some of the countries we've partnered with in manufacturing our products:



Thailand with its abundance of skilled workers and breathtaking beaches, is our chosen partner for crafting all types of undergarments, including men's underwear. Our production facilities are situated in the Samut Sakhon area, which benefits from excellent infrastructure and a strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia, offering us access to essential regional markets. We have access to a vast array of raw materials such as cotton, silk, and synthetic fabrics, which opens up endless possibilities for our products. In addition, Thailand's favorable trade agreements with numerous countries make it simpler for us to export our products.